Permeable Pavers

Do you want paver sealing that can withstand the sun and natural elements for at least 2 to 3 years? Magana Concrete can provide you with paver protection from water intrusion, acid rain, and other harmful chemicals. We can also give your pavements a wet, glossy appearance that really brings out the colors in your pavers. It is easy to apply and retains the original appearance of pavers.

When it comes to any paver sealing project, big or small, our workmanship and high quality products allow us to produce a color-enhancing paver sealer that stabilizes joint sand and protects against sand washout, weed growth and ant infestations. Our goal is to extend the pavers life while providing an aesthetically pleasing surface. We also provide permeable pavers that are not only ideal for a great landscaping design, but also high traffic areas.

If you are looking for a professional brick pavers contractor, please contact Magana Concrete in Riverside, IL today.